Former TVR designer criticises new Griffith

Posted in News by Sniff Petrol on Friday, September 8th, 2017

A terrible photograph of the new TVR, yesterday

Just hours after being revealed, TVR’s reborn Griffith has attracted stout criticism from former TVR designer, Peter Wheeler’s Dog.

‘I’ve been a car designer for over 17 decades (in dog years) and I wouldn’t have done it like that,’ the dog explained, barking exclusively to Sniff Petrol. ‘Where are the random shapes? Where are the bite marks? Where is the tenuous back-story about me attacking the styling model?’

‘I find the design rather derivative and… hey someone’s opening a crinkly packet over there!’ Peter Wheeler’s Dog continued. ‘By the way, I notice that you appeared to throw the ball but when I went to get the ball, the ball was not there and you had not, in fact, thrown the ball, but had just done a ball throwing action while the ball remained in your hand. Ball.’

‘Yes, I am a good boy. A very good boy. Yes, it’s me, I am a good boy,’ he added mysteriously.

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