Alonso relieved at McLaren Honda split

Posted in Motorsport, News by Sniff Petrol on Friday, September 15th, 2017

Fernando Alonso, yesterday

Following news that McLaren and Honda are to part ways, Fernando Alonso has expressed relief at finally escaping the ‘nightmare’ of having to own a new Civic Type-R.

‘In recent months Fernando had been lobbying McLaren to drop Honda,’ confirmed a source close to the hairy-faced champ. ‘Not because of the mediocre on-track performance and hopeless reliability but because he was sick of coming out of his house every morning to see that awful looking car on the drive.’

‘The Honda relationship was really starting to affect all aspects of his life,’ continued a spokesman for the exasperated radio message racer. ‘Sometimes all he could dream of was inexplicably creased bits of metal and baffling stuck-on plastic, and then he would wake up screaming.’

‘I would like to thank Honda for all their work,’ the Spanish driver said in a statement today. ‘And in particular, their prompt removal of that horrible looking car from outside my house.’

Alonso arrives in Singapore ahead of this weekend’s race with just 10 championship points and the Megane RenaultSport configurator saved to his favourites.

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