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Issue 31
11 - 24 October 2002
Drowning in mucus, this fortnight
The common cold. Like umbilical cords and letters from solicitors representing Jamie Oliver requesting that you cease forthwith from hurling rocks at their client every time he tries to leave his house, we've all had one haven't we? And this week Sniff Petrol has had a right old stinker of a snot fest which has rendered the humour gland useless, and frankly a bit achey too. That's why, before you ask, this edition is rather light on content. But, because Sniff Petrol is nothing if not quite tall, I've stuck a little bonus from the 'unseen' file at the bottom of the page. It's a handy guide to Imprezas which somehow never made it onto these pages when it was originally written several months ago. Sniff.

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Written by Sniff Petrol. With help from Lemsip Max Strength, Sudafed, Saint Etienne, Jim Wood, Poo