Roy Lanchester

The superb Kia Magentis


One of the questions I’m almost sometimes asked as a motoring journalist is “What do you drive?” I can exclusively reveal the answer to that question right here on Sniff Petrol: I drive a Kia Magentis.

The first time I saw this superb executive saloon I remember immediately thinking that I wanted to be lent one for a year and finally I was lucky enough for that to come true. As soon as you see the Magentis you know that this is a special kind of car. Its smooth styling offers superbly attractive looks to rival the best German luxury cars, yet without being as flashy as some cars I could mention.

Luxury is very much the order of the day inside too, with an attractive dashboard and superb leather seats. All the controls are clearly laid out and fall easily to hand. Turn the key and you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stalled. Don’t worry, the superb 166bhp 2.5-litre V6 engine really is that quiet! This superb motor really is as smooth as a sewing machine, yet it’s superbly sporty too thanks to the superb H-matic automatic multi-mode automatic gearbox automatic.

Out on the open road the Magentis really is superb, smothering bumps and cornering like it’s on rails. This is a superbly civilised way to travel. And with prices starting at just £12,995 on the road it really is superb value as well. That’s why I chose to be given a superb Kia Magentis. I hope that answers your question.