The Roy Lanchester book is here


Long-promised piss-artist profile is published

Roy Lanchester is one of Britain’s biggest and best-lubricated car journalists. In a career spanning four decades he has written for numerous publications including The Harrogate Post, The Examiner, and Home Sauna. For many years he’s also been a contributor to this very website which is why, last year, we asked him if he’d be interested in writing a book about his life and work. He told us to sod off. Then we said we’d pay him money and he agreed immediately.

The result is How To Be A Motoring Journalist, a no-holds-barred autobiography that tells the story of one of the world’s most well-plastered car writers, how he got to where he is today, and why he refuses to accept blame for the damage to the curtains.

From his early days as a cub reporter to his glory days on Fleet Street and on to his slightly less prestigious gig on The Harrogate Herald, it’s all in here, apart from the period in the early 2000s when tax irregularities saw him spending a few months working abroad.

How To Be A Motoring Journalist isn’t just a memoir from one of the industry’s most prolific buffet enthusiasts. It also acts as a guide for anyone hoping to become a car journalist, though Roy adds that he finds young people annoying and advises them not to bother, especially if they’re thinking of stealing any of his current gigs.

Here is an extract from the work everyone is sure to call ‘that Roy Lanchester book’.

How To Be A Motoring Journalist is available exclusively from Amazon, as a paperback or an ebook.