It’s a long-range electric car from a company that won’t suddenly call you a ‘pedo’

Better late than never, VW turns out a slightly sporty version of its smallest car

Version 3 of the car for fans of mildly hot hatchbacks and triplicate alliteration

It’s the new stab at an entry-level Merc. Because nothing is lower than A. Apart from Smart.

It’s a fast estate with four rings on the front

First, what Americans would call ‘full disclosure’. Land Rover asked if I wanted to borrow a new Discovery and then drive it to their Eastnor Castle off-roading place to have a play in some mud before sticking around for dinner and a night in a hotel.

Everyone’s starting to do small, high-riding, sporty-looking cars. This is Toyota’s.

Want a large-ish saloon that isn’t German? Good news! Here’s a large-ish saloon that’s Swedish

It’s a new small Suzuki. No, not like the Swift. Smaller than that.

It’s a new-ish Peugeot hot hatchback. Don’t mention the you-know-what.