There was confusion in Formula 1 this week following the appearance of a mysterious new British driver in last Sunday’s French Grand Prix. Calling himself “Jenson Button”, the previously unheard of racer managed to bag a remarkable eighth place at Magny-Cours, even though no one in the paddock could recall ever seeing him before.

‘His slightly rat-like face did look strangely familiar,’ admitted Maurice Ital of Every Other Sunday magazine. ‘But I’m sure we’ve never seen this British driver before. Not like that lovely Lewis Hamilton, for example.’

Another paddock insider was more sceptical about this mysterious Brit talent. ‘I think this might be an elaborate ruse,’ our source said. ‘I mean, just look at his name: “Jenson Button”. It just sounds so made up. It’s not a proper name like, say, Lewis Hamilton’.

F1 observers say that if “Jenson Button” does indeed turn out to be a real British driver with a made up name, this will make him the exact opposite of Anthony Davidson, who has a real name but doesn’t actually exist in any of the F1 coverage so far this year.