stepneytoe.gifThere was good news for F1 fans this week as the BBC released details of a new motorsport sit-com to appear on our screens next month. Entitled Stepney & Son, the hilarious new comedy revolves around cantankerous scrap merchant Albert ‘Nigel’ Stepney and his zany attempts to get rid of enormous piles of F1 car components and CAD/CAM data that are cluttering up his Italian yard. In the first of this amusing new series, Stepney attempts to wash his smalls in the fuel tank of a Ferrari racing car, only to get caught after adding too much powder! There’s the promise of more merriment later in the series when Stepney tries to pass a whole pile of ‘scrap parts’ to a chap from Woking, before realising that he’s absent mindedly wrapped all the ‘unwanted’ components in top secret technical documents – with hilariously career ending consequences!  
Stepney & Son starts on BBC Three, just as soon as anyone can understand what the cocking hell is going on with all this F1 espionage stuff