button02.jpgFollowing Jenson Button’s shock announcement that he will quit F1 if the performance of his Honda does not improve within the next two years, further details are emerging of other decisive actions the dynamic British driver is prepared to take in order to get results.
F1 spies say that only this week the Brit ace was spotted issuing a similarly firm ultimatum in a London cinema. ‘Button was watching Die Hard 4.0 but he clearly wasn’t impressed,’ said one fellow movie goer. ‘I definitely heard him loudly saying in a politely quiet voice that if the film didn’t get better then he was flipping well going to wait until the end and then leave’.
Just hours earlier another motorsport fan reported seeing the West Country driver in a nearby restaurant expressing disappointment with the table he had been given. ‘Button wasn’t messing around,’ said one fellow diner. ‘He made it moderately clear that if he wasn’t given a better table he would eat his main course and some pudding and maybe a coffee and then bloody well think about leaving’.
However, it now seems that Button isn’t the only one issuing dire warnings for the future. Many British F1 fans, for example, have threatened to completely lose interest in Jenson Button within the next… oh.