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diblundellbyline.jpg‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. On Saturday 21 July I proceeded to the Nurburgring what is in Germany where I done witnessed an RTA involving a silver Mercedes vehicle driven by a Mr Lewis Hamilton what was seen to collide with a grey barrier type object. This was a bit of bad luck for the lad but what he done is go to hospital and, in fairness, he was okay. What done then did happen is that on Sunday 22 July Mr Hamilton was able to proceed to the starting grid where, in fairness, he done make good progress before being involved in another RTA what done also involve a Mr Button, a Mr Rosberg, a Mr Sutil, a Mr Speed and a Mr Liuzzi. This should be a lesson to any motorists what should make sure they done got the proper tyres for the prevailing conditions. Meanwhile, my investigations is continuing into the behaviour of a Mr Raikkonen what is suspiciously disappointing. At the end of the day, in fairness, it gets dark. Over and out.