photocopier.jpgThere were high spirits at McLaren this week as the FIA decided not to penalise the championship leading team for their claimed involvement in the recent Formula 1 spying controversy. ‘Scuderia McLaren is delighted with this decision,’ said an official statement from the team. ‘Jean Dennis and everyone at our factory in Wokiorano is confident that all allegations of copying can now be laid to rest and that we can continue our fight in what is one of the most exciting drivers’ and constructors’ titles in many years, including an emotional return to our home circuit on 9 September’.

However, title rivals Ferrari were less impressed with the FIA’s decision. ‘Ferrari is deeply disappointed with the outcome of today’s extraordinary meeting,’ said an official statement. ‘This decision sets a very serious precedent, namely that the FIA is now prepared to let other teams get away with cheating as well as us’.