washingelephant.jpgThere was anger this week in one of those bland new-build houses with a criss-crossy brick driveway that all people who post photos of their cars on the internet seem to live in as a tedious car geek annoyingly overused the word ‘detail’.

Spip Misby, a 27-year-old IT consultant who lives with his mum and dad, has long been obsessed with ‘detailing’ his Audi A3 but sources close to the Misby household say his irritating habit of using a strangely meaningless word to describe what is essentially the act of washing and then polishing something has now reached unacceptable heights.

‘Frankly it was bad enough when he just crapped on about “detailing” his bloody car again,’ said his father, Jennifer. ‘But when he announced that he was going to reward his mother’s dinner-making efforts by “detailing” the dirty dishes that was the final straw’.

Spip’s sister, David, was quick to add to her father’s ire. ‘My brother seems to mistakenly believe that the word “detailing” is a synonym for “really cleaning something” . Except I’ve checked in the dictionary and as far as I can work out, “detailing” actually refers to small decorative features on a building, work of art or other object and in no way means spending all pissing weekend rubbing a sponge and some cloths over your stupid twatting car’.

Spies in the Misby camp say that following the “detailing” of  dirty pans and crockery, Spip retired to the bathroom to spend a typically suspicious amount of time in the shower, probably ‘detailing’ his cock.