Random cack



ferraritat.jpgThe other week we ran this story about Ferrari merchandising getting out of hand. Unfortunately, a few days ago Sniff Petrol ended up in the Rome branch of the Ferrari Store and discovered that the truth is far more horrific than any hastily Photoshopped fiction.

The model cars and framed pictures we can see the point of but who in the name of gilt edged buggery actually wants a pair of Ferrari jeans? In fact, any Ferrari branded clothing is pretty much unacceptable and serves only to tell the world that you quite patently DON’T own a Ferrari. Or that you DO own a Ferrari and are an abysmal bore with some fairly appalling personal status issues that should best be resolved by a painful course of electro-convulsive therapy.

Oh, but if only Prancing Horse polo shirts and Scudieria underpants were the full extent of the problem. Sadly, they’re not. Not whilst for the princely sum of 150 Euros Ferrari will sell you a replica Ferrari key. Yes, a REPLICA FUCKING KEY. Who on earth is signing off this shit and why haven’t they been sacked yet? Unless the hundred quid fake key is actually a trap to weed out the mentally ill and terminally stupid. Otherwise it’s simply a chronic and very sad indication of why Ferrari is now the car equivalent of Burberry. Only not as classy. Jay-sus.