gjoslogo.jpgOh good heavens yes. As Carly Simon once sang, the Gareth Jones On Speed podcast (including the heady vapours of Sniff Petrol) is Coming Around Again. Obviously Carly Simon didn’t actually sing about a car-based downloadable audio production recorded in the living room of that bloke off How 2 but, since we haven’t heard a lot from her recently and might presume that her career is on the wane, perhaps she bloody well should.

Anyway, this edition of the Podcast features a chat about weird police cars, a story about Sniff Petrol’s former colleague who was mistaken for a doctor, some good reasons why you shouldn’t use a pregnant lady as an excuse for speeding and a mysteriously incriminating story that Zog can’t tell.

CLICK THESE CAPITAL LETTERS to become more aware of what all this might be about an’ shit.