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AUSTRALIAN GP ’08 REPORT with D.I. Mark Blundell


diblundellbyline.jpg‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Detective Inspector Mark Blundell done be investigating from the Australian Grand Prix what, to be honest, is in Australia. I was, in fairness, particularly interested in a series of incidents what done involve vehicles what has left the road. The first incident done involve a red Ferrari what done be driven by a Mr Phillipe Massa what did spin. I later done observed another red Ferrari driven by a Mr Kimi Raikkonen what done also spin also. Finally, to be honest, I done notice a red and white Toyota of Mr Timo Glock what done lose control, do done a little jump and then, to be fair, done spin a bit. This should done be a lesson to all motorists on the road that they should done leave their vehicle’s traction control on for safety reasons at all times. Unless it done been banned. What, in fairness, in F1 it done have. Over and out.