Crazy Dave

CRAZY D on the Alonso rumours


crazyd-799988.jpgOch aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ on strong wit’ tha phat flava of Red Bull. Taste like tha shit yo walk through in a public swimming pool. Yea. So tha cats in tha paddock, they be sayin’ that ma man Nando, he be down on tha’ Renault. Word on tha street say he be goin’ to tha’ Ferrariay. Shee-it! Crazy D, he don’ know what Nando be thinkin’, maaan. No way he shoulda be movin’ from a team of he own free will. He wanna do what Crazy D do. Jus’ stay, like, way too long at a team tha’s got championship winnin’ potential until they get rid o’ him, then get fly wit’ tha midfield. Fo’ sho’. Of course, if I was Flavio Briatore I would express my displeasure by kicking three colours of shit out of him.