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Now whilst some websites will attempt to make money by plugging other people’s shoddy products, rest assured that Sniff Petrol will not entertain such tawdry behaviour. No, this website will only plug our own shoddy products, most of which make no money whatsoever. Except for the books.

Ah yes, and speaking of which, there’s a new book coming out by The Bloke Who Does This Website. It’s a follow up to last year’s My Dad Had One Of Those (which we somehow completely forgot to mention on this site) and is called, rather brilliantly, My Dad Wished He Had One Of Those. It’s basically a run down of the really cool cars your old dad dreamt about in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, featuring lots of ace period photos and some silly text about each one. The book that will come to be known as MDWHHOOT by almost no one will be published on 29 May but if you’re feeling both excitable and keen to do me out of a few pence of royalties, you can pre-order a copy and save a few quid by visiting amazon.co.uk now.


Secondly, although Sniff Petrol has gone back to monthly issues, please remember that the excellent Gareth Jones On Speed podcast (featuring lots of irritating butting in from an often quite squiffy Sniff Petrol) still comes up with fresh material every 10 days or so. Now that’s a proper work ethic for you. Click upon these words to fill your ears with car-based pleasure.

Thirdly, Sniff Petrol now has an official Facebook group. I don’t know why this is good, it just seemed like a clever idea last weekend. If you become a member you’ll get a message telling you there’s a new issue up and if I can get round to it I might post up some exclusive pictures and stuff that have never made it onto the site proper. Or I might forget. Who knows. Take your chances on that one by joining up at the click of this orange text.

Oh yea, and finally… Sniff Petrol doesn’t normally get involved in politics but we ought to mention that if you live in London please don’t forget to vote in the Mayoral elections on 1 May. We don’t care who you vote for, just for God’s sake get that car-hating cat-voiced twat out of office.