mdwhhandgolf.jpgListen up reading fans, the world is about to be cursed with another book by the bloke behind this website (and his mate Giles). It’s called My Dad Wished He Had One Of Those and it’s a sort of giddy romp through some of the big, fast, sexy cars your Dad probably couldn’t afford, lavishly illustrated with masses of period photos. And at least two of them have Roger Moore in. My Dad Wished He Had One Of Those is published on 29 May but you can pre-order a copy from Amazon now, just by clicking these words that are a different colour. Ideal for someone who doesn’t wholly object to the idea of giving Sniff Petrol a small amount of money but really does want to make sure it’s as tiny an amount as humanly possible.  

And speaking of giving money, a while back we featured a bloke called Richard who was doing the Scumball Rally in aid of a willing cause, all with the rather less worthy name of Sniff Petrol stuck to his car. Well guess what, he’s ruddy bloody doing it again this year, and all in the name of Barnados, a charity only a cold hearted blaggard wouldn’t want to support. Do some clicking here to make a donation. Or click here to follow the progress of Richard’s Sniff Petrol stickered Golf. Oh yea, and I’m told that there are still places available on the Scumball itself (another clicky here) and that if I mentioned this fact they might foolishly insist that all entries carry some sort of Sniff branding. Which would be amusing. Although only if you find some strange mirth in a massive fleet of shagged cars affixed with a small sticker advertising a shite and now-only-bloody-monthly-you-lazy-twot website. Whatever floats your rusty Golf GTI boat I suppose.