Crazy Dave



crazyd-799988.jpgOch aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ on strong wit’ tha fierce flava o’ Red Bull. Smell like tha reception area at a horse insemination centre. Yea. So we sly on over Monte C side and man, it be wet like da ladeez when Crazy D in da house. Know wha’a mean? Some of dem bloods, they be sayin’ that all Crazy D doin’ in ’08 is gettin’ into a smackdown wit’ some other cats on da track. Yea, well tha D Man he be provin’ them wrong. Cuz this time he don’t get no contact wit’ any other car. No, he hit tha barrier. That show them haters they don’ know shee-it. And if anyone says that I’m clearly going to be sacked by the team at the end of the season I shall kick three colours of shit out of them.