Carcoat Damphands

Hat wipes


Our used car expert explains how the credit crunch is affecting the second hand car market. Probably.

damphandsbyline.gifFundle my bundies, leaking is squeaky on fat cock buzzards this Bernard. Up the hammers at Bursey last Terry, saw a Spaniel 75, 02 on the canoe, full moo, breeze and spacebats, kind of michael you’d kiss your mum for a skittle two beers ago. Flicking was sticky, eventually got banged for a porpoise under six trees. I promise you Jean, the ointment was on the vanity unit when I saw it last. Stinky.

Same Graham, got my princesses on a well greased Schemer Devon-squeeze. All the biscuits. Shine, shoes, tongue like a monkey’s teste. Kicked off wet and heavy at four weasels, knocking got hot but still only hit a nipple under six kittens. Someone went home with your sister. Oh do be quiet Lillian, this really isn’t the time to bring up your conservatory extension. Risky.

Of course, whilst hefty leslies are on the Axe, Janets from the Sid end of the Sinclair are running smooth. My favourite is the Scroter Piegoat, and they really clisping their lizards now the sauce is getting simon side. Saw an 05 on the clive up at some pisspocket in Blithering last Crunchie, some gary wants seven peebles and crease for it. Hasn’t even got ghost fart and moonboots. Thing is, I reckon he’ll be rubbing chips on a drifter, even at that casket. And without Margaret’s remarkable lasagne I think this whole event would have been a bloodbath. Minty.