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HUNGARIAN GP ’08 REPORT with D.I. Blundell


diblundellbyline.jpg‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. On Sunday 3 August I done proceed in an easterly direction to the Hungarian city of Budpest, what is in Hungary. Here I did observe what, to be honest, done be a Grand Prix, what was occurring at this moment in time. I were paying particular attention to the commencement of the aforesaid event when I done did notice an IC2 male, one Mr Philippe Massa, what did attempt to overtake an IC3 male, one Mr Lewis Hamilton. What the lads done gone did there was, to be honest, textbook. Let this be an important lesson for all motorists about the importance of leaving room for any overtaking manoeuvre and using your mirrors at all times. To be honest, I done be commending Mr Massa and Mr Hamilton for their roadcraft. However, I done then be disappointed to notice that Mr Massa done gone suffer what, to be honest, was a breakdown what done then gone force him to exit his vehicle without first done be putting on what, in fairness, should be a high visibility jacket. I hope other motorists will done gone be learning from what done be his mistake. In fairness, at the end of the day… I put the bins out. If it’s a Tuesday. Over and out.