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D.I. BLUNDELL at the Singapore Grand Prix


diblundellbyline.jpg‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Detective Inspector Blundell done be filing a report. On Sunday 28 September I done proceed in an Easterly direction to the Singapore Grand Prix, what done be in Singapore. Here I did done observe what, to be honest, is done becoming an all too common problem. At approximately 20:30 hours I done observe an IC1 male (what done be later identified as one Felipe Massa) in a red motor vehicle stopping for fuel. What done happen next is that, in fairness, the lad then go and done a runner, causing what done be substantial damage to the fuel pump in what done be, to be honest, the process. Sadly, this sort of attempt to leave a premises without done paying for fuel is done be an all too common occurrencing, especially when it done be at night. In fairness, at the end of the day… I sometimes watch a film and then go to bed. Over and out.