Crazy Dave



crazyd-799988.jpgOch aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha fo’ one las’ time wit’ tha wicked flava of Red Bull. Actually, come to think of it, tha shit taste fuckin’ disgusting. So this be it, Crazy D he run his last race in tha Formula they be callin’ One. An’ you know what? Tha D, he leave tha thang tha way he wanna be remembered. Crashing out on tha first lap and then makin’ a low an’ slow walk back to tha’ pit. Yea. That be Crazy D style, fo’ sho’. It all been off tha hook man, but now it be time to do wha’ a lotta people said he should be doin’ when he at McLaren and getting’ the fuck outta here. Peace out homies, peace out.