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bbtgcover.jpgChristmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. But not, as it turns out, as fat as the sales of the splendid new Big Book of Top Gear which was written by the bloke behind this website. Not literally behind it. I think directly behind it is just some wires and circuit boards and stuff. If anyone’s feeling handy with a screwdriver they might want to look into that one. Where were we? Oh yes, the Big Book of Top Gear. It’s sort of like Top Gear on the TV, but it’s a book. In other words, it’s not really like Top Gear on the telly although someone on Amazon has called it ‘childish’ in his review so there must be some similarity somewhere.

If you would like to buy this immature and silly book you can find it on Amazon by making with some clickery HERE and thereby help to maintain its current position in the UK top ten best sellers list somewhere between Dawn French, Jamie Oliver and probably some other people who also like pies even more than Sniff Petrol does.