Crazy Dave


crazyd-799988.jpgOch aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha sippin’ on any canned drink he muthafuckin’ wanna. But man, I still can’t get rid o’ the taste o’ Red Bull. Feel like I been chewin’ on a dentist’s chair. Hot damn. So Crazy D, he be outta tha F1 racin’ but I jus’ stopped by to advise y’all tha’ ma Crazy D T-shirts be still on sale. Yea. An’ if you wanna slide on Sniff Petrol stylee this summer, they now be down to jus’ £12 each. Tha’s some bad ass need to clear remainin’ stocks. Shee-it. Peace out brothers. Although before I go I did want to clarify once again that Sniff Petrol’s David Coulthard T-shirts are now reduced in price to a very reasonable £12.
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