Troy Queef



Don’t you just hate it when you’re a fan of a ludicrous fictional car journalist from a silly and often late website and there’s simply no way of demonstrating your appreciation for this character via the medium of high quality cotton clothing? Well that’s not a problem you’ll find with Sniff Petrol’s Troy Queef because, thanks to the nice people at Slick Attire, you can proudly display your Queefian allegiance on a lovely T-shirt providing the perfect upper body cover for those balmy summer evenings that the weather people are once again telling us are about to go away for ever.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Dab Of Oppo shirt is now available in a choice of three colours. Why not buy all three?*

To get your Troy T-shirt simply make with the clickiness upon these words. Yes.

* Apart from the fact that you could end up wearing them one after the other and thereby look a little bit deranged. Might be best to come up with some sort of rota system that involves your other clothes, just to be on the safe side.