How the F1 logo might look in the future, yesterday

The recent flurry of departures from F1 is set to continue this week with news that the letter F is considering its position within the sport.

The popular letter has been a part of F1 ever since the first Formula 1 race took place in 1947 and reports that it is considering its future within the sport will come as a blow to those who run the popular race series, in particular Bernard Ecclestone who is neither of those things.

‘I’m sure the sport’s management will claim that F1 is bigger than the letter F,’ notes Maurice Ital of Every Other Sunday magazine. ‘But the truth is, F1 needs F more than F needs F1, or “1” as it may have to become known’.

Sources close to F say that the multi-national sixth position in the alphabet letter has grown tired of the expense and complexity of travelling the world during the Formula 1 season, with its relentless and draining whirl of appearing on signs, headed notepaper and even napkins, plus the ongoing obligation to emerge from people’s mouths throughout race weekends. One insider close to the letter F also noted that in the current economic climate F has other commitments such as leading the way on phrases like ‘fiscal meltdown’, ‘fiduciary failures’ and ‘fucking hell I’m frigging amazed Toyota didn’t fuck off four or five years ago’.

If, as seems likely, the letter F does leave F1 it’s almost certain that the sport’s governing body will seek a replacement to fill the gap at the front of its abbreviated name. Speculation as to what that replacement will be was heightened this morning with news that the letter A, currently without a position in motorsport following the collapse of the A1 GP series, was seen leaving Formula 1 headquarters.