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If you like Top Gear but you wish it was a silly book written by Sniff Petrol rather than a silly television programme written by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May with some shit jokes added by Sniff Petrol then the Big Book of Top Gear 2010 is the answer to your frankly rather weird dreams.

Inside its lavishly tooled pages you’ll find all manner of nonsense about Clarkson’s new exercise DVD, Hammond’s adventures as a 1930s comic book hero and the baffling instruction manual for May’s latest sat-nav system, plus lashings of other toss including an exclusive peek inside the Stig’s house, a look at TG spin offs around the world, and at least seven references to the actor Nigel Havers.

The Big Book of Top Gear 2010 – because let’s face it, it’s nearly Christmas and you’ll be fucked if you don’t buy your brother something soon.

Make with the clickery to order it from Amazon, even though it probably won’t turn up in time. You’ll just have to go to an actual shop. Sorry.