Shameless plugging


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FacebookTwitterlogosJust a quick reminder about some of the exciting and highly futuristic things that Sniff Petrol does outside of hardly ever updating this website.

First off there’s the splendid Gareth Jones on Speed podcast featuring lots of car stuff being talked about by three men, one of whom is almost certainly writes this website (when he can be bothered).

Secondly, Sniff Petrol has a Facebook fan page upon which you can write things, such as complaints about why the next issue is late, or pose questions, such as why the bloody hell haven’t you done a new issue you lazy twat. There’s also an unseen sweary MG ad on there and – SCOOP! – a brand new fake ad that didn’t make it into this issue.

Thirdly, don’t forget the Sniff Petrol Twitter feed which provides more regularly updated snippets of shite including the surprisingly popular LIVE coverage of Formula 1 races, things happening in Sniff Petrol’s real life permitting.

Fourthly, it may be covered in dust and buried at the back of some internet cupboard, but Sniff Petrol still has a discussion forum, providing the perfect place to moan about why there isn’t a new issue and the lack of Twitter feed during the last race.

Finally, don’t forget that you can still buy an attractive Troy Queef DAB OF OPPO T-shirt thanks to the nice people at Slick Attire