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Troy Queef T-shirts

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The weather is warm and a chap’s thoughts invariably turn to shaking off that fusty winter coat in favour of something more appropriate. A T-shirt for example. A T-shirt that you can leave the house in of an evening and then bitterly regret later when the sun has gone down and everyone still wants to sit outside the pub. Well you can’t suggest moving indoors can you, lest everyone calls you a ‘homo’. You should have brought a jacket you idiot. Anyway, none of this is Sniff Petrol’s problem; we’re just trying to flog you some T-shirts.

And what T-shirts they are, bearing the distinctive slogan of everyone’s favourite appalling try-hard prose writer Troy Queef. You can get your very own piece of wearable Queefery by making with a clicking action upon this highlighted text

Don’t forget that if you need to buy more than one new T-shirt for the approaching summer, and frankly you probably should, you could get Troy tees in all three colours. Or you could visit Slick Attire, the lovely people who make the Queef shirts and many other excellent designs. Yes.