Crazy Dave

Crazy D at tha British GP 2010

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha standin’ next ta Eddie J on tha BBC. Oh man, he dress like a Latvian pimp again. So this weekend we sly on over to tha Stone that is Silver fo’ the British Gee ta tha Pee. An’ ma buddy Sharky Mark, he feeling dissed by the Bull that be Red cuz tha team they be favouring ma man Sebby V. Tha’s some bad shit right there. But Tha Shark, he ain’t gonna quit cuz he be from Australia and he be used to cookin’ outside and walkin’ across the desert in da flippy de flops an’ shit. So he tough. When da lights go out, he be on that bee-atch an’ Sebby V, he got some other shit to deal wit’ cuz ma homie De Ham, he give he a burst rubber. Take it from Crazy D, yo don’t want yo rubber goin’ pop at the wrong time. Know wha’ I’m sayin’? With Sebby V out tha frame, Tha Shark, he on it man. He slide it in smooth on tha one slot from lights to flag. And then he take that trophy and he shove it up Da Horner man’s ass. Fo’ sho’. Crazy Dave, he gone. Peace out. Although please do remember that you can access additional coverage and analysis on the interactive red button after every race, only on the BBC.