New Red Bull puzzle revealed

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How Christian Horner might look in a rowing boat, yesterday

The British Institute of Puzzling today announced a new Red Bull-based version of the conundrum in which a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain must be transported across a river in a boat only big enough to accommodate one item at a time.

In the new version of this age-old game you are Christian Horner using your boat to transport Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and a furiously angry grizzly bear that is also extremely hungry.

‘The problems this puzzle throws up are more complex than those in the original version,’ notes the BIoP’s Sandy Child-Toucher. ‘You cannot leave the men with the bear because they will get savaged but you cannot leave Vettel with Webber as they hate each other and will start to fight’.

‘The key to solving this puzzle is of course to remember that you are the Red Bull team boss,’ Mr Child-Toucher continued. ‘Therefore a long as Vettel is safely in the boat you simply leave Webber to be mauled by the bear’.