A statement by Ron Dennis

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I have been made aware of a quantity of allegations regarding myself and an occurrence that was centred around the occasion of the British Grand Prix.

It has been suggested to a specific member of my organisation, which in more detailed terms was myself, that I was integrally involved in a circumstance with regard to an individual or individuals who may or may not be Eddie Jordan whereby an action of a jocular nature may have been in occurrence.

It has been made explicit to myself by a body of persons that this event, and in specific terms the nature of humourousness integral to it, was not in line with expectations regarding behavioural perceptions of myself.

I am engaging in the creation of this statement of record so that it is possible to express that the actions in which I may have been the primary perpetrator, regarding the placement of a laceration upon an item of cable, were, in my consideration, of a short term nature and should not be used as a performance indicator with regard to my future aspirations, actions or targets.

However, whilst the episode to which I am currently undertaking reference was of a type not in alignment with the parameters perceived of me, I also wish to make it of a clear nature that in relation to this event I contain no quantities of feeling within the spectrum of regret.

Also, the little twat had it coming.