Ferrari back on form

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Some cheats, yesterday

There was delight in Italy this morning following clear signs that the Ferrari F1 team is back on form.

‘We ‘ave been very worried that Ferrari was not at the top of the game this season,’ said Frode Voluminosa of fan club Tifosi Inglese. ‘For sure, we saw moments of the old brilliance such as blatantly testing new parts and the calling it a “photo session”, but there was not the consistent rule bending and total disregard for the sport that we ‘ope for’.

‘Of course, there was plenty of moaning,’ Mr Voluminosa continued. ‘And this gave us ‘ope that de team still ‘ad within them the burning spirit to really insult the intelligence of all F1 fans and basically, ‘ow you say, take a massive shit all over the sport’.

Following the Scuderia’s blatant team orders at the German Grand Prix, Ferrari fans are filled with a renewed belief that the rest of this season the team will be able to lie, cheat and whinge its way to the top.

‘We are committed to a Ferrari world championship victory in 2010,’ said a spokesman. Unfortunately, that spokesman was FIA president Jean Toad.