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D.I. Blundell at Hungary 2010

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‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Detective Inspector Mark Blundell done be filing a report. On Sunday 1 August I done proceed in an Easterly direction to the Hungarian Grand Prix, what done occur in Hungary. Here I done observe an IC1 male, Mr Adrian Sutil, who done through what not, in fairness, done be his fault be done engaged in a low speed collision with an IC1 Pole, a Mr Robert Kubica who done pull out at what done be the wrong moment. Let this done be a lesson to all drivers about the importance of always be checking your mirrors. A short time period afterwards I done observe an IC1 male, Mr Rubens Barrichello, who done attempt to perform a safe overtaking manoeuvre on an IC1 has-been, Mr Michael Schumacher and who done gone be surprised when Mr Schumacher done attempt to done drive him into a wall. Let this be a lesson to all motorists not to attempt a shit comeback and then done be a really bad loser. Over and out.