More Cookery Corner with Nigella Mansell

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By popular demand, one of Britain’s top cooks returns to share with us a simple flapjack recipe

Ingredients: 4oz unsalted butter, 2oz brown sugar, 2oz golden syrup, 7oz rolled oats.

Method: Obviously you need to start with a pan, and I have to say in all honesty I’ve got a really competitive package in that regard but that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier when you’re the guy out there trying to bring everything together and obviously I don’t want to say this isn’t a team effort because it is but I do want to say that in the first instance it was me that was melting the butter into the pan.

Maybe some people, and obviously I don’t want to say who, but some people perhaps wouldn’t start like that, and obviously I can say now that the butter has literally melted that I was right about these things and obviously that’s why I’ve gone on to add the sugar and the golden syrup and you know, at some point you’ve got a add the rolled oats and that’s something I took a call on and I believe I was right about this.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to stir things, even though obviously I do stir the mixture until it’s all blended together and then spread it evenly into an oven proof tray and obviously that’s got to be lined with greaseproof paper and that’s not easy but it was something I was able to do at this point in time and you know it’s not easy out there when you’ve got to make sure you put the tray in the oven.

I’ve got to say that the oven guys did really well to get it up to 180 degrees Celsius and you know obviously it was my view that it should be left in there for 15 minutes and I know not everyone agreed with that but, you know, I think history will judge that I was correct and obviously when all this has cooled down I think we will be able to cut the flapjacks and then eat them.