Mosley demands Ferrari punishment

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Max Mosley, yesterday

Max Mosley has today spoken out against Ferrari’s team orders at the German Grand Prix by stating that he believes the team should be ‘harshly punished’.

‘Ferrari really need to be shown a firm hand,’ the former FIA president said. ‘A very harsh, firm, starchy hand with long finger nails and… erm, sorry, where was I?’

Mosley added that he believed the FIA had to be clear and unwavering on this matter: ‘When a team clearly breaks a rule like this, they must be whipped into shape and they must be whipped hard. Yes, a nice hard whipping. Hard, so hard, so very, very hard… oh… ooooh… yes.’

‘What disappoints me is that so far Ferrari have shown no contrition,’ Mosley continued when he returned to the room. ‘If I was still running the FIA I would have wanted them to be on their knees, crawling across the floor saying that they were sorry, but that wouldn’t be good enough and they would have to be told again that they were so very, very bad and that they were going to get more punishment and they would be grateful for that punishment and be crying out and saying “Mistress Svetlana, please can we have another half an hour” and she would say that because they had been so very bad then… erm, I’m so sorry, I think I have to go.’