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D.I. Blundell at the 2010 Belgian GP

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‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Detective Inspector Mark Blundell done be filing a report. On Sunday 29 August I done proceed to the Belgian Grand Prix, what done be in the Belgium area. Here I done observe an IC1 male what I done identify, in fairness, as being a Mr Jenson Button who done be driving a silver Mercedes vehicle. He done be followed by another IC1 male what done be a Mr Sebastian Vettel in a blue Renault-powered vehicle. I done observe that Mr Vettel done attempt to overtake Mr Button’s vehicle but what done happen is that, in fairness, Mr Vettel done lose control and this done cause him to done a crash into the side of Mr Button’s vehicle what done cause both gentlemen to be no longer done be able to done drive their vehicles. This should done be a lesson to all motorists about the dangers what done exist in bad weather conditions and also it done be, in fairness, an example of what done happen when you done drive like a twat. Over and out.