Crazy Dave

Crazy D at Spa 2010

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha standin’ next to ma buddie Eddie J on tha Bee to tha Bee to tha Cee. Oh man, he look like he borrowed he glasses off Deidre muthafunkin’ Barlow. So las’ weekend we slide on Spa side fo’ tha Belgian GeePee. Fo’ sho’. And man, it be wet. As wet as tha laydeez be when Crazy D wear his tight white jeans. Yea. Tha D Man, he like to keep tha merchandise at tha front of tha store. Know wha’am sayin’? So ma man Jenny B, he be havin’ a few issues out there, but what he don’t expect is fo’ one of those issues to be Tha Vettmeister stickin’ he nose in. And I be talkin’ literally, right into tha side of Tha B Man’s ride. That be some ill shit right there. I ain’t seen nuthin’ like that shit fo’ some time. As tha Whit Man be sayin’, it like some fucked up junior formula shit goin’ on. Fo’ shiz. Of course, if you enjoy other formulas of motorsport, don’t forget to follow my exploits driving for Mercedes-Benz in the exciting DTM series.