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D.I. Blundell attends Monza 2010

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‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Detective Inspector Mark Blundell done be filing a report. On Sunday 12 September 2010 I done proceed in a southerly direction to the Italy region, what done be in Italy. Here I done witness what be, in fairness, a Grand Prix was done be taking place. In particular, I done observe a silver Mercedes powered vehicle driven by an IC3 male what I done identify as a Mr Lewis Hamilton and what he gone done is collide with a red Ferrari driven by an IC2 male, namely one Mr Felipe Massa, and this incident done cause what in fairness be a quantity of damage to Mr Hamilton’s vehicle what done force him to stop. Let this be a lesson for all motorists on the importance of done be leaving plenty of room for other vehicles on the road, especially if you don’t want to done be buggering up your world championship chances. A short while later I done observe an IC5 male driving a black HRT vehicle what done run over a pedestrian. This done be a very regrettable incident and at the end of the day done be a warning about the dangers that done be existing if you done be running a shit team on no money and done use a Japanese pay driver what done be sodding useless. Over and out.