SAAB reveals Paris concept

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The SAAB concept, yesterday

Ahead of the Paris Motoring Show, SAAB has released pictures of a one-off 9-3 concept that celebrates the Swedish company’s inexplicable devotion to three spoke alloy wheels.

‘SAAB has always been at the forefront of offering cars with three spoke wheels,’ said the company’s head of wheel design, Bjorn-Benny Trespoken. ‘Over the years we have seen many attempts to match our leadership in this field, from the Vauxhall Nova and Ford Fiesta RS Turbo to the Smart Roadster and Dodge Viper. They have all come and gone but only SAAB remains committed to the three spoke wheel, even though it is generally acknowledged that three spoke wheels look awful.’

Mr Trespoken was able to give Sniff Petrol an exclusive insight into the unique Paris concept. ‘It is based on the 9-3 Sport Wagon,’ he revealed. ‘But it has three spoke alloy wheels… erm…blah blah blah aircraft inspired etcetera.. errr… I have to go.’