Crazy Dave

Crazy D in Singapo’ 2010

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha with L’il Eddie J on tha Bee Bee Cee. Oh maaaan, it like he borrow he shirts off Pat Butcher. Hot damn. So las’ week we slide on over Singapo’ side and tha boy Nando, he stick it on tha one slot fo’ tha go. Nex’ day, tha boy Sebby V, he be all hot an’ heavy wit’ that shit when tha lights go out. That don’ be a problem fo’ Crazy D. When he be wit’ a lady, he take it nice an’ slow, know wha’am sayin’? Smooov. Nando, he be all up on that shit and Sebby V, he ain’t getting’ nowhere. That be some bad ass mature racecraft. Unlike ma buddy Da Ham who be making a bad smack down, again. An’ when Crazy D say ‘bad’, he be meaning in tha sense of ‘shit’. Furthermore, please do remember that there is more in-depth discussion of every race in the F1 Forum on the red button, only from the BBC.