Crazy Dave

Crazy D (not) at Korea 2010

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha live from the McLaren mission control centre in tha bad ass ‘hood of Wo-to-tha-king. Yea. Oh man, it more grey than tha ass of a elephant. So las’ weekend all tha F1 teams slide on over Korea side, but that shit ain’t fo’ Crazy D. He prefer to keep things nice an’ dry. Unless we talkin’ about tha ladeez when he walk in tha room. Know wha’ ‘am sayin’? Ma buddies J Humph and Eddie J, they be standin’ on a buildin’ site in tha rain and Tha D, he be in tha U to tha K, livin’ large Northside. Tha Northside of Surrey. Fo’ sho’. Mud an’ rain ain’t Tha D Man’s thang, man. Not when he be rockin’ these tighty whitey jeans. Hot diggedy. So all tha driva boys, they be a creepin’ round behind tha safety car and ma buds from tha Bee Bee Cee, they be gettin’ wet an’ shit while Crazy D, he be keepin’ on tha downlow listenin’ to tha phat sounds of some hardcore boring ass data. Mmm, that be some tedious mathematical shee-it. Oh yea. Of course, if the technical side of Formula 1 is of interest to you, don’t forget the F1 Forum on the red button after every single race, only on the BBC.