Crazy Dave

Crazy D at Brazil 2010

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha in tha bad ass close fittin’ jeans. Yea. I stole them from Eddie J’s dressin’ room. Tight. Ow! So this weekend we slide on over Brazil side fo’ tha Gee Pee that be tha penultimate. Fo’ some folks that mean ‘second to last’ but down on tha F1 street, we’s call it a ‘di Grassi’. Huh! So anyway, ma man Jenny B, he got some bad shit goin’ on after qualifyin’ ‘cos some bad dudes wit’ guns be all up on his shit. Course, they ain’t gonna try that sorta disrespec’ on Crazy D ‘cos he be packin’ a pretty big weapon heself, know wha’am sayin’ laydeez? Fo’ schniz. Come tha race day, he be in there like tha Crazy D’s shirt be tucked into he’s jeans. Hard. He move from tha 11 slot up to tha five but even that ain’t be enough to keep he in tha game. That be some bad ass losing grasp on tha double championship chances shit goin’ down right there. Even my man Tha Ham ain’t lookin’ sweet to represent tha UK fo’ F1 2010. Hot damn. Now it be down to Sebby V, Nando an’ Marky Mark fo’ tha title. This be some bad ass down-to-tha-wire exciting muthafuckin’ shit goin’ all up in yo face man. And for even more insightful analysis of the Formula 1 season we’ve just enjoyed, don’t forget the F1 Forum on the red button directly after every race, only on the BBC.