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If you’re interested in the real nuts and bolts of the car industry your geek-o-senses will tingle with excitement at news of a freshly-published autobiography by former Chrysler UK and Austin Rover design boss Roy Axe.

In a cruel twist of timing, Axe died last month but not before completing this wonderful reflection on his working life.

As well as creating crisply styled, everyday cars that made our high streets look slightly more stylish, Axe also had an amazingly cool name and rocked a bald head / big specs combo that made him the groovy Eric Morecambe-alike of Brit car sketching. Plus, when he arrived at Austin Rover they showed him the top secret Maestro just before it entered production and he told them it looked shit so you know his aesthetic sense was top notch.

If you love juicy behind the scenes tales from a time when Britain had a proper car industry, you really should buy this book. Make with the Amazon clicky to do so.