Gran Turismo 5 recalled

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Gran Turismo 5, yesterday

Less than a week after Gran Turismo 5 went on sale, the game’s creator has stunned fans by asking for it back.

Reports from Japan say that Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the much-delayed driving simulator, is insisting that every single copy to be returned to him after spotting some mistakes in it.

‘After several delays lasting over a year we thought that at last Yamauchi-san was happy with GT5,’ said a spokesman for the game’s publishers Polyphony. ‘Unfortunately yesterday he noticed that one of the buildings in the background at the Monza track was slightly the wrong colour. Also, one of the side repeaters on the Nissan 370Z was not exactly the right shape. As a result, he asks that everyone stop playing the game immediately and returns it to him so that it can be destroyed. He will notify you when new Gran Turismo 5 is ready. Thank you.’

The sudden recall has come as a shock to game players across the world. ‘We’ve waited six years and now this?’ said Litotes Meng from gaming website goawaymumi’ ‘What are we supposed to do once we’ve sent it back? Go outside and talk to real people? Have another wank? God, this is so unfair.’