Crazy Dave

Crazy D not at Bahrain 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha from he’s sitting room at home. Mmm, black leather and chrome. So this week, we is meant to be mixin’ up a phat one Bahrain stylee fo’ tha start of tha F1 2011. Fo’ shizz. But that ain’t happenin’ man cuz those cats in tha Middle of tha East, they got their own business goin’ down right now with tha Pearl Square protests an’ shit. Now Crazy D, he be all ready to be all up in yo faces with tha commentaryating next to ma man Marty B, but since he be stuck at home on tha Sunday, he be kinda bored. Tha’s why Crazy D, he go to a garden centre. Man, they go all kinds of bad ass shit there. They got hyacinths, they got chrysanthemums, they got  herbaceous shit. Crazy D, he have a cup of muthafunkin’ tea in the café and then buy a sweet ass bag of compost. There gonna be some beddin’ later, and I don’t mean of tha laydeez. Oh yea. And don’t forget, the Formula 1 season now starts on Sunday 27 March, only on the BBC.