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Crazy D in Australia 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha from tha commentary box fo’ 2011 wit’ ma bro Marty B. Fo’ shizz. So las’ week we slide on over upsidedown style fo’ tha Australian Gee tat ha Pee. Hot shee-it. That place be a long way from where Crazy D be from on tha mean streets of tha West Side. Yea, West Side Monte Carlo, know wha’am sayin’? But tha D, he don’ sweat it, y’all wanna know why? Cuz all that distance mean he be rackin’ up some sweet ass frequent flyer miles, fo’ sho’. Pretty soon, tha D gonna be bookin’ a short haul European flight, paying tha economy price, but he gonna be entitled to be usin’ tha business muthafuckin’ lounge. BOOM! Tha’s tha way D Man roll. Y’all get me?

So Sunday be comin’ around an’ when tha lights go out, ma buddy Sebby V, he be outta there wit’ his bad ass skillz. Now that be cool, but ma man Da Ham, he ain’t gonna put up wit’ that shee-it and he be workin’ it baby, keeping it smooth on tha two slot. Swee-eet. But what this be goin’ down fo’ tha third place? It be tha boy V Petty. Man, where’d that cat suddenly learn to do that? He keep it ice cool and bring it all home fo’ he’s first time on tha three step spray an’ wave. High five ma Ruskie bro. Peace.

And don’t forget to set an alarm this coming Sunday because coverage of the Malaysian Grand Prix starts at 8am sharp, only on the BBC.