Crazy D at Malaysia 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave Coulhard comin’ atcha live from tha box of commentary. An’ that ain’t tha only box Crazy D be regularly seein’ tha inside of, know wha’am sayin’? Fo’ shizz. So las’ weekend we slide on over KL side fo’ tha Malaysian Gee to tha Pee and man, it be hot out there. Course, this ain’t no thang fo’ Crazy D cuz he jus’ put on tha Tighty Whitey Jeans. Oh yea. Tha D Man, he jus’ wanna keep tha family jewels cool. An’ also on display. People be sayin’, whatchoo playin’ at D? Those don’ be no practical strides fo’ tha pit lane. But tha D, he ain’t worried cuz see, tha he have a little secret. He bring several pairs. Fo’ shanizzle. An’ when tha D get home, he get a muthafunkin’ discount at tha dry cleaner fo’ laundering twenty fo’ pairs of jeans. That be some sweet ass economies of scale right there.

So out in tha ‘Pang it be Sebby V that slide it on tha one slot again in tha qualifcationation and come tha five-an’-out that cat be away like a sliced eel. This boy be some hot pointy fingered shit right now. There be some mad tyre degradation shee-it goin’ down out there but ma boy Jenny B and tha beardy micro man Nicky ‘Field, they be bringin’ it home fo’ tha three step fizz ‘n’ flash.

Mad props to ma dawg Vitty P cuz that cat be getting’ some rad air out there, fo’ showazzle, and respec’ to ma homie P Diddy Resta cuz that brother, he be talkin’ ma language. Scotch. Finally, don’t forget that for complete analysis of every race, just press the red button on your remote for full interactive coverage, only from the BBC.