Crazy Dave

Crazy D at China 2011

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Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave mixin’ up some phat commentary booth flavas with ma man Marty B. Respec’. So las’ weekend we slide on over Shanghai side fo’ tha Chinese Grand Prix and in tha one shot hot slot, ma boy Sebby V, he be all up on that mess and slam dunk it on tha pole with ma homies Da Ham and Jenny B on he ass behind. That’s some hot cool shit right there. Fo’ shizz.

Ain’t so gravy fo’ ma buddy M Web cuz that cat got some badass problems wit’ tha rubber and stuff. He be sittin’ on tha nine row and man, when that kinda shit goes down, a brother be thinkin’ that he be better off jus’ jumpin’ on tha G6 and headin’ outta there. But that ain’t tha way Tha Webman rolls, no way. Come tha five light red drop, that cat jus’ take it nice and slow and he work his way up tha field. Softly, softly, catchy that muthafunkin’ monkey, fo’ shanizz.

Tings ain’t so sweet fo’ Jenny B though cuz that brother, he take he eye off tha ball and be pullin’ into tha wrong box. Hot damn, that ain’t no thang you be catching Crazy D be doing, least not without askin’ first. Know wha’am sayin’? Fo’ shibblanizzabaliz.

Man, this be some mad ass racin’ right there and come tha three step fizz jizz it be Tha Ham that take tha one slot with Sebby V on he ass. But who dis be on tha three slot? It ma boy Marky Mark. Man that be some mature and consistent drivin’. Respec’. Yea, that be some race out there. Tha’s why they say, when a dude see tha Chinese Gee Pee, a hour later he wan’ another one. Badoom muthafuckin’ tish!

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